About Us


Company Overview

Having started back in 1976 in Port Said, Egypt, Samo Trading Company has grown to be a market leader in the food and natural snacks business, providing the highest quality foods with the highest value for money. The LE 200-mil-company’s main operations center on the importation and processing of different types of food and natural snacks. Through its distinguished production, warehousing & distribution networks and facilities, the company has developed successful B2B & B2C business channels delivering both non-branded and branded (pre-packed) products.

Samo Trading Co. imports more than 250 items of nuts, dried fruits and others from various destinations in the world (e.g: U.S.A, Australia, Argentina,Vietnam, India, Greece..etc). Examples of imported items are prunes, apricots, almonds, coconuts, raisins, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashew, and other nuts and kernels. Abu Auf (with its almost 20 SKU’s) is the company’s own brand for pre-packed nuts, kernels, dates & dried fruits, which has always been the leader in the market in terms of popularity and market share.

The company owns and runs a distribution fleet of more than 24 vehicles (that deliver directly to all key accounts and main super market chains) as well as 1,400 meter-refrigerated warehouses in Cairo. In addition to that, it is partnering up with six distribution agencies in the main regions and cities in Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Sharm El Sheikh, Delta, and Hurghada – Luxor very shortly). That is supported by very strong relationships with roasteries, patisseries, food wholesalers, catering companies, and finally hotels. In 2005 the company started to reach all the key accounts with the new pre packed nuts and canned products.


Mission & Vision

We believe that we are blessed to have such clients that are interested in our products and surely do all we can to embrace this spirit and constantly develop more to keep our reputation and quality. Everything we do is based on quality and this is our main objective and goal to keep. Our mission in Abu Auf is to source produce and supply the finest quality of nuts and snacks all over the world, using only the finest and natural ingredients. Our vision is guided by responsibility towards our workers, local agricultural communities and families. We dedicate ourselves to sustainable organic agriculture. Above all, we are firm in our commitment to the quality and integrity of our products.